WTF happened to all the Digital Art Directors?

Something I have noticed this year is that all the Digital Art Directors I know have switched their titles to UX.

I have been recruiting within digital, UX and creative for a nearly a decade now, and back in the day UX and Creative were kept fairly separate.

Most UX’s I interviewed were either ex teachers or had Psych degrees to their names and rarely touched a wireframe as that was for the IA’s.

Suddenly everyone who was once a Digital Designer or Digital Creative from an advertising background is working client side or consultancy charging over $1,200 per day.

This has no negative effect on me personally or professionally it’s just an observation. Maybe advertising is becoming more customer centered, which is a good thing.

The down side is the people who have been in UX for over 10 years are being paid the same as someone who just completed a 2 weeks course and been doing it for 12 months.