Who is the real wanker here?

It’s not very nice to call someone a wanker. I read the article recently on Jarryd Zankovic, who was wrongly named ‘Australia’s biggest wanker’ and then attacked online for simply what he chooses to wear.

Really? People are so put out by what this bloke decides to put on in the morning?

The article even managed to get coverage in the UK, and major publications like Sydney Morning Herald. This in itself is just silly, and I hope Jarryd doesn’t take any of these attacks to heart, because he shouldn’t. The people attacking him should take a good hard look at themselves and look up the meaning of the word jest in the dictionary.

The most alarming aspect to this online attack is the damage that it might cause.

It is very well known that young men, like Jarryd, being an under 30 male much like myself are likely to suffer from depression and other issues. I am not saying that he does, however attacks like this can do unnecessary damage. We know the affects cyber bullying can have, with some great people taking their lives because of the direct affect of being criticised online and attacked by anonymous members of the public who feel the need to take their own inadequacies out on on someone all while hidden behind a keyboard.

Jarryd is a very talented Senior Art Director at Play Communications in Sydney and was named as one of B&T’s 30 under 30 – an achievement that puts him at the top of the creative industry.

I think we all need to jump online and back this bloke, and support him so he doesn’t in the slightest take any of this negativity onboard, and hopefully he hasn’t. Interactiveinc for #TeamJarryd

To the people that feel the urge to jump on the anonymous troll bandwagon, take this seriously and ask yourself. Does this need to be said? And then go and try and be as successful as Jarryd.


Nick Barry is founder and Director of Interactiveinc, a digital recruitment company based in Sydney that specialises in digital recruitment to agencies, client side and start-ups in areas of creative, account services, technical, UX, social media and digital media. www.interactiveinc.com.au