The Serial Interviewer

It seems an absurd past time but over my decade in digital recruitment I have come across the serial interviewer more times than I’d like to admit. The standard profile goes something like this – very talented, normally senior, in high demand for their particular skills set and loves interviewing.

The only issue with loving interviewing is that they don’t actually want a job.

At first I was in a bit of denial about this and maybe a little naive. However after a while I couldn’t figure it out. Why would particular candidates keep turning down offers I’d worked really hard to secure for them? Everything else stacked up. The role was great, the money good and a fantastic career potential long term. But time and time again it was a bog no.

Then it dawned on me. Do these types of candidates simply like interviewing? Similar to any hobby, in their spare time instead of going to the gym or surfing or spending time with friends and family they meet with potential employers for a bit of fun. Of course, this seems unusual but when you think about it, dating probably share some similarities where both activities give the ego a boost and make you feel good about yourself.

Unfortunately for recruiters like me who put people in jobs for a living, engaging with serial interviewers can lead to a lack of filled roles, a host of pissed off clients and a truck load of wasted time.

I really like my candidates. They are some of the most talented individuals I have ever met. It’s just that some can be bad for business.