The pushy recruiter is not such a bad thing

The pushy recruiter is not such a bad thing.

Most people think recruiters are fairly pushy, potentially a pest at times.

Maybe that’s a fair assessment. It’s also one of the reasons a lot of recruiters get out of the industry, or take internal recruitment roles. They basically don’t want to be that person.

Personally I have never had an issue with being pushy, politely of course, and I think if you asked my clients they might say they never would have secured the right talent if I wasn’t this way inclined in working towards an outcome eg hiring someone.

I hadn’t really given it much thought until recently I engaged with a rec-to-rec recruiter to help me fill a number of internal roles. I found the consultant to be very pleasant, smart and professional. However completely lacking in the drive to push me along the process, and in return I procrastinated. It has taken me way too long to secure all the people I set out to hire. In the end I did it myself.

In one particular instance, I probably missed out on a very talented individual due to getting distracted by my own work, and not being pushed to make a decision by the recruiter.

What it boils down to is that often people simply don’t like making decisions. Recruitment is all about making decisions. Hopefully most of the time that decision is a good one and if not then it’s a learning curve. The worst decision is the decision you don’t make. If you don’t make a decision you learn nothing and have probably wasted your time and that of many others – not just recruiters.

Recruiters can add value in obvious areas but it’s simply about getting the job done that we are hired to do and that job is to generate a decision  – one way or another.

Nick Barry is the Founder of Interactiveinc, established in 2009 to find digital jobs for digital people. For more information visit