The death of the job board

Don’t get me wrong, Seek has been great and over the years has provided many quality candidates. I would love it if all we had to do as recruiters is stick up an ad and receive a whole bunch of suitable talent for the advertised role from one place but it’s not like that.

When I first started in recruitment, this was the norm, we had candidate resourcers that would write and post the ad and basically manage the response. All we really needed to do was find the clients and roles.

Those days are long gone and some view this as a negative thing. Personally I view it as a great challenge which has made my role as a recruiter much more interesting.

My core focus is recruiting within the digital sector, and more and more I have had to think more like the candidates that I am placing e.g. like a marketer, social media manager and strategist.

Finding talent in this current market you need to have a strategy, specifically a long-term strategy.

We decided a while back to focus more on attracting candidates to our site where we post all of our roles.

Key to this is by increasing each consultant’s Twitter following and posting engaging content on social media and our blog.

It’s been a lot more work, however what I have noticed is more and more we are receiving a higher volume of candidates that are more aligned to what we do through the website as opposed to any other job board, to the extent where we are considering not using Seek at all.

Volume is one thing, quality is the key and the quality of talent coming through the site is extremely high, these candidate are 9 times out of 10 passively looking and simply registering their interest in potentially making a move in the near future.

Just last week we had very talented developer contact us through our site who just arrived from overseas, one week later we had him a job offer with the promise of a Visa.

The recruitment industry needs to evolve, the digital environment we play in is constantly shifting and changing and we have to change with it or suffer the consequences.


Nick Barry is the Founder of Interactiveinc, established in 2009 to find digital jobs for digital people. For more information visit