Semi Permanent 2015 thoughts

Semi Permanent 2015.

I attended Semi Perm last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the event. I have been attending since 2008 in both Sydney and Melbourne and over the years have noticed technology and digital become a fairly large part of this creative festival.

This year something occurred to me and it’s been on my mind for a while. The conference is largely based around design and historically graphic design, illustration, architecture and recently digital design and now UX.

The highlight for me was being present for Dave Rauch’s talk because he is UX Lead from the well-known agency IDEO. Shortly after the session it dawned on me that although Dave was detailing UX/Innovation lead projects, the basis of what he was talking about was the same as what both Bjarke Ingels the Architect and the Chief Editor of Wired Scott Dadich were saying. At its core everything these speakers touched on was based around pure design principles, regardless of the medium.

Even Hayden Cox from Haydenshapes, was at it’s core constantly conducting “user testing” by getting direct feedback from Craig Anderson the pro surfer to find out how the board functioned/surfed.

Couldn’t this be labelled as service designer/CX?

So then UX is simply Design in disguise.


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