Sales within the digital agency model.

Selling stuff is great, that’s what business is generally about. Lets get honest, that’s what advertising is about. At the end of the day clients want to see more products and more sales. This can be called brand awareness, strategy, consumer engagement etc etc.

When it comes to selling services it’s a little more complicated, especially digital services, as you really need to know the exact cost of sale.

This cost for the most part is a moving beast, however this can be controlled.

The real issue is the people selling these services to a client have no idea how much they actually cost, and that is an issue for any business.

I have interviewed countless Project Managers and Developers that tell me horrid stories of suits and senior members of staff walking into the office excited by the $500k deal they have just closed, only to be told by the production guys that it will cost three times that in man hours and developer man hours. That is when the chaos begins.

I also noticed around three years ago agencies, mainly advertising agencies, stopped hiring pure digital suits who were the key people that had an understanding of how to scope out a digital project properly. I have no idea why this shift happened? Ultimately this had lead to many projects going south. I don’t have enough fingers to count the stack of digital departments disappearing because of this.

The key here is to let the client talk to a Developer or Teach Lead at some point.

One of my main clients did this where they continually engaged with the Tech Director. The result of this ongoing contact was that the project was successful, profitable and delivered on time and within budget.