Interactiveinc’s Quick Market Update

2015 has started well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the market be this active, we have loads of digital roles coupled with enough good talent to fill the roles which means it’s a good time in the marketplace for both clients and candidates.

Our Digital Agency clients are having some big wins and in return are doing their fair share of hiring; the ad agencies are also building their digital teams aggressively.

One thing I have noticed recently is our creative agency clients are hiring digital specialists in integrated roles, as opposed to hiring someone from a traditional integrated background for the role. It seems as though these days to be of value in the market you need to have very strong digital skills with the ability to also execute in other mediums such as print and TV.

All in all a very solid start to the year so far.

Nick Barry is the Founder of Interactiveinc, established in 2009 to find digital jobs for digital people. For more information visit