Digital Teams are the hardest to find

As you know, I’ve been at this recruitment thing coming close to a decade now. Australia seems to always come up short when it comes to talent. It’s not that we are not a talented bunch, just not enough of us to go around. Technology is also changing so quickly that we simply can’t match the demand.

In my experience some roles are much harder to source than others.

The top of that list has to be the Digital Creative Team. This team was formed back in the Mad Men days, with the formation of the Art Director and Copywriter. It’s hard to believe at one point these two didn’t communicate all that often. That all changed when they started to exchange ideas.

Fast forward 40 years or so, and the need for these teams still exists but the technology has changed and the need for the specialist team has surfaced.

Only issue is there are only a handful of established digital teams in this country!

Time and time again I have received a brief from an ECD pleading with me to find a team that can produce award winning digital ideas, and so my search begins without much to report back with.

The answer in my mind – create a team of four.

Traditional Art Director & Writer teamed up with a Creative Technologist & UX Designer. I think the merge of these worlds could only mean beautiful work.

Could also make my life a whole lot easier when the Digital Team brief lands on my desk, probably tomorrow.