Agency vs Client Side

Agency vs Client Side

I have been recruiting within the digital sector for nearly a decade now, and have always been surprised that agencies are fairly reluctant or hesitant to hire client side folk.

Not all agencies, however it’s a common occurrence. Strangely enough on the client side it can be similar. Although they seem to be more open to the idea, at the end of the day they often select the candidate with the corporate background.

From where I sit, both sides seem to have similar skills sets when it comes to digital.

It has always seemed a little odd that this bias exists, considering the talent shortage we have in the local market most of the time.

I posed this question on LinkedIn recently and it obviously hit a nerve. Responses were opinionated and candid, maybe proving that there is a divide and the bias does exist!

My sense is that people on both sides made some valid points. I think the simple solution is next time, why not give someone from the other side a try? As a recruiter, some of the best candidates I work with throughout their career are those have moved across both sides so their experience helps them to understand the differences.

Nick Barry is Founder and Director of Interactiveinc. A digital recruitment company based in Sydney Australia.