My Creative Journey to Social Media Manager

This month we feature Zainab Adede, a Social Media Manager we placed in a permanent role. Here’s a little bit about why she made it into Interactiveinc’s Candidate of the Month blog.

My introduction to media began in 2006.  I was passionate about all things creative and was keen to capture the essence of visuals arts and interpret its complexity. This passion lead me to explore avenues such as Art History, Creative Writing, Graphic Design and Photography.

My BA studies in the UK led me to other avenues such as film making and script writing which further enhanced my creative writing skills. I was lucky to land a couple of internships to begin with at BBDO and Bell Pottinger which not only opened the doors to the industry, but further reinforced my unique skills and capabilities. This coupled with my adventurous nature lead me to undertaking a Master’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relation at UNSW Sydney. I eagerly undertook opportunities within top advertising agencies and landed roles which have seen my career progress from strength to strength.

My pathway towards Social wasn’t planned. My design, copy writing, analytical and communication skills lead me to becoming a Social Media Manager having previously worked as a Suit, designer and a Social Media Community Manager. My journey within the Media industry has taken a number of peaks and turns and every opportunity has been a stepping stone towards career growth and personal development. My current role well placed by the InteractiveInc team as a Social Media Manager, adds to my growth once again managing over 14 brands.

It is only natural that I would compare my experiences in Australia to the UK being British. Media in both countries share a wealth of similarities, but a successful challenge I have faced is adapting to the tone of voice and causal representations found in Australian media. I value and respect originality and honesty and these qualities continuously assist my career progression and individuality.  This has also been reflected in the work I produce personally and professionally.

Looking ahead, as much as I am keen to progress within the industry, my passion for self-expression via creativity and literature will most definitely see me leveraging my personal business pursuits and projects.

Each month, Interactiveinc feature a Candidate of the Month. Someone in the digital media industry that stands out – someone we think worth writing about to show that people in the digital industry have interesting lives, skills and interests.