The future is the James Bond of Marketing

This month we feature Vishesh Bhavsar, a Social Media Analyst we placed in a permanent role. Here’s his take on the future of social marketing.

Social media has changed the way of marketing in past few years. While organisations are getting more informed, consumers are getting more vocal. In my opinion, it is a blessing in disguise for brands. With increased chatter, the consumers are influencing the decision making process more than ever before. It is becoming hard for brands to penetrate minds of consumers. And brands on other hand, finding ways to gather and interpret consumer data. There is in increased importance of adaptation of technology, understand and manipulate technology and reduce costs of all marketing activities.

In my opinion, the marketer of tomorrow will be somebody with a mix of qualities. I have tried to list a few here;

  1. Who can use technology to their advantage, automate and create data structures that has direct impact on costs
  2. Who is not afraid of numbers, mathematics and statistics
  3. Who is intellectually capable and master in communications
  4. Who is informed, logical and have a great problem solving abilities
  5. Who can understand the human brain and manipulate decision making of consumers.
  6. Who is creative and is able to produce interesting, innovative, disruptive content on-the-go

To me, this sounds more like James Bond. I believe very soon brands will try and find that James Bond to be a part of their marketing team.

The point I am trying to make here is, in today’s world of marketing, all of above mentioned skills will have to go hand in hand. Every brand will need a greater collaboration of above mentioned skills to sustain the pressure from their consumers. Consumers will demand best in everything for less.

I am so excited to see what future brings to the world of marketing. The big bang of social media is going to bring a great transformation in this world.

By Vishesh Bhavsar, Social Media Analyst

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