Freelance Digital Project Manager

This month we feature freelancer Andrea Hetherington, a Digital Project Manager who we placed in a contract role. Here’s what she had to say when we caught up with her to check how things are going.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Interactiveinc placed me in my current role as a Digital Project Manager. It’s been a fantastic opportunity! Working within the digital space is exciting – it’s constantly changing and there’s so much to learn! I love working with the creative people in this space.

I didn’t plan on becoming a Digital Project Manager from the beginning, I just sort of fell into it after years of working in traditional advertising and fashion. In the past I’ve worked in account management for advertising agencies, worked as a receptionist, and even spent some time as a cocktail bartender!

The best advice I can give to anyone looking to become a Digital Project Manager is to gain some experience either with an entry level account management position, or in a project management role. You’ll gain the skills in client liaison, as well as all the basics of project management that you’ll need.

It’s those client liaison skills from my time in account management that allowed me to step into my current role. The clients that I work with are those brands who realise that staying up to date with digital trends to stay ahead of the curve is critical to their success. So there’s always something new and exciting keeping me busy and maintaining those strong client relationships is vital.

This is my first freelance role with Interactiveinc and I love it! Freelancing part-time is great for me because I get the flexibility while also having enough time to keep working on my fashion blog.

I also love going to the beach, going for coffee, and trying out new bars and restaurants. So the freelance lifestyle truly gives me the best of both worlds.

With that said, when I am at work the days are hectic. Tight deadlines, multiple stakeholders, and customers who want their brands to truly stand out ensure that there’s never a dull moment.

Take a look at Andrea’s fashion blog Leather and Lattes or follow her on Twitter

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